Law School Recognizes Dahman Law’s Efforts to Give Young Attorneys Quality Experiences

On January 8, 2015, Dahman Law attorney Jonathan N. Olivito argued the appeal of a favorable jury verdict on behalf of client RAE Associates, Inc. to the 10th District Court of Appeals, Case No. 14-AP-482.

Olivito is a first year attorney and fresh graduate of Ohio State University’s Moritz College of Law.  Normally, appellate oral arguments are reserved for senior attorneys.  But because Olivito was ready for the responsibility and the firm strives to give every team member as rich of an experience as possible, Olivito was tasked with the challenge.

The Moritz College of Law noticed Olivito’s unique opportunity and interviewed him for an article on the law school’s website and weekly electronic newsletter.  The article is posted here.

Samir Dahman, firm founder, explained “we want to give everyone as much responsibility as they can reasonably handle.  It reminds us that we all make an impact and are critical to client success.  Some people call it ‘taking ownership’ – we call it routine.”